Skin Cancer

Moles may range from normal, atypical to Melanoma (common deadly skin cancer of the skin). Skin cancer screening detects suspect moles, sinister lesions or skin cancers at early stage, which offers best chance for cure.

There is no skin cancer screening for early detection of skin cancer in the UK on NHS.

Backed by Dr MOHSIN ALI FRCPI FRCP (UK) Consultant Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon with a special expertise in detection and management of skin cancers, this service offers comprehensive visual assessment of the patient’s skin. The skin examination enables detection of any suspect moles, lesions with sinister potential or early skin cancers which are further analysed by DERMATOSCOPIC EXAMINATION to confirm clinical diagnosis; these can be further scanned by mole mapping computer using digital video microscope.  If any suspicious mole or suspect early skin cancer is identified on screening we provide specialised skin cancer management services including most advanced surgical techniques for treatment including microscopically controlled surgery i.e. MOHS MICROGRAPHIC SURGERY.