Your skin has been treated with liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy).

Liquid nitrogen is very cold and will cause some redness and inflammation which may result in a blister or blood blisters developing within 48 hours and which may last for several days.  The skin will be tender and care should be taken with the treated area for the next few days.  Avoid soaking the area for long periods and gently pat dry in the first week after treatment.

You may take simple pain killers, e.g. paracetamol, if the area is painful.  Treated areas can be cleaned with diluted antiseptic if necessary and either left open to the air or covered with a non occlusive (fabric) plaster.

If you develop a small blister, this can be left undisturbed.  If it is a large or troublesome, it can be burst with a clean, flamed or boiled (cool) sterile needle and covered with a clean dressing.

Very occasionally a blister may become infected, suggested by the presence of redness, pus and pain. If this happens you should see your General Practitioner who may give you an antibiotic.

Liquid nitrogen therapy is normally repeated every two to three weeks for treatment of viral warts.

If you have any queries or concerns please ring 01494 866600.