Biopsy Of Lesions

What is a biopsy?

A biopsy is a procedure where a small piece of tissue is removed from an area so that it can be looked at closely under a microscope.  The biopsy may aim to remove an area completely (an excision biopsy).  This is usually only appropriate for small lumps or swellings.  Occasionally only a small piece of an abnormal area is removed to confirm a diagnosis (an incisional biopsy).

How is it done?

In most cases biopsies are carried out under local anaesthesia.  The injection takes a couple of minutes to work and means that the biopsy will be painless.  The biopsy usually leaves a small wound that often requires stitching.  In the majority of cases the stitches used are dissolvable and take around two weeks to disappear.  The whole process (local anaesthetic injection, biopsy and stitching) usually takes around 15 minutes from start to finish.

Is there much soreness or swelling afterwards?

When the local anaesthetic wears off after a few hours there is relatively little in the way of pain or swelling.  Occasionally it is necessary to take simple painkillers (eg Paracetamol or Nurofen).  Usually any discomfort only lasts a few days.

Will there be much bleeding?

Although there may be a little bleeding at the time of biopsy this usually stops very quickly and is unlikely to be a problem if the wound is stitched.  Should the biopsy site bleed again when you get home this can usually be stopped by applying pressure over the area for at least 10 minutes with a rolled up handkerchief or swab.  If the bleeding does not stop please contact the department.

When can I return to work?

This largely depends on your job and how you feel after the procedure.  Most people are able to return to work later the same day.

Are there any things I should do when I get home?

Avoid exercise, home cleaning, gym training, swimming, DIY etc.

Will I need another appointment?

A review appointment is not always necessary but you will usually be given one so that the results of the biopsy can be discussed with you.